Why Are Multivitamins Important?

Why Are Multivitamins Important?

The importance of multivitamins and other micronutrients in our diet have been established by numerous studies in the past. Vitamins have been further classified into different types (viz. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, etc. and their subgroups) and their specific correlation with body functions have been documented by the detailed researches. The significance of the various vitamins for the healthy body, the problems arising from its deficiencies as well as the rich natural sources of these vitamins are taught in schools so that the awareness about its importance in the human body is propagated to the society as well as upcoming young generations. The deficiencies of these vitamins can lead to various ailments like poor eyesight vision (Vitamin A); Weakness in Bones (Vitamin D), lack of immunity (vitamin C), etc. and the host of other health issues which can be mitigated easily by consciously including these essential vitamins in our daily diet.

Every balanced diet should ideally contain these micronutrients along with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Even a few decades back, when the lifestyle was more orderly, and reliance on canned food was significantly lower even in the urban cities, the body could usually get the required vitamins from the regular diet. The vegetables, fruits and other natural stuff are known to contain sufficient quantities of these vitamins which were absorbed by the body cells to keep it healthy and fit.

In the modern lifestyle where the dependence of processed food manufactured in factories instead of farms has increased manifolds, the natural availability of the micronutrients to the human body has reduced significantly. Most preserved fruits or vegetables are treated with synthetic chemicals and other processes to enhance their shelf life which in turn severely interferes with its natural goodness. The dietary value of processed fruits frozen in a can is much lower than the fruit in its natural form. Furthermore, the chemicals used in food processing also have been known for their long-term detrimental effect on the various body functions.

multivits important

The natural immune and defense capabilities of our body have also diminished considerably in comparison to our forefathers and ancestors. The impact of industrial pollution on the environmental balance has adversely deteriorated the natural elements like air, water, soil, etc. which have resulted in present consequences of lowered immunity of the body to fight diseases. The toxicity caused by heavy metals (the result of industrialization) ingested from different sources has also adversely impacted the healthy cellular growth in various organs and led to series of new complications in human bodies.

Human body undergoes innumerable complex biochemical reactions of different type every moment to keep it running. The presence of these vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients is crucial for many of the metabolic reactions of the body. The deficiency of any or some vitamins from daily dietary sources obviously leads to one ailment or other. There are dietary multivitamins available in tablet or other ingestible forms which aim to replenish the deficiency and are often recommended by the physicians to include in every day diet for maintaining right nutritional balance in the body.

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