The Particular Health Benefits Of The Foods You Eat

The Particular Health Benefits Of The Foods You Eat

FGG anti-aging-foods-1All the nutrition experts and doctors tell you to ‘eat a healthy diet,’ don’t they? And these days, we are so much better informed on nutrition that we can work out what constitutes a healthy diet for ourselves. However, some foods have particular health benefits, and if you can include these foods in your diet, you may be able to address health issues without the need for medication.

For instance, did you know that strawberries have anti-inflammatory properties? In fact, they are so good that 3 bowls of strawberries a week will produce the same effects in your body as taking the strongest COX inhibitor anti-inflammatory medication. So if you’re suffering from arthritis, and you can’t tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs, or you really don’t want to pop another pill, you can tuck into strawberries instead.

There are foods that reduce inflammation and blood pressure, foods that regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol, foods that fight cancer and foods that combat the aging process so you can look and feel younger for longer. There are even foods that can help your hair to grow and sort out your skin problems. You just need to find out which foods can help you to stay healthy or help to treat chronic conditions.

You’d be surprised how many of the foods we take for granted have really special health benefits. It’s like having a pharmacy in your larder or fridge, and of course the great thing about taking natural healing from foods is that there are no nasty side effects to worry about.

You know how it is – your doctor prescribes a pill to sort out a particular problem, and it works, but then you get a side effect, so you need another pill to sort that one out. Before you know it, the single pill that was supposed to get you back to the rudest of rude health has become four extra tablets, and three of them are just to deal with the side effects caused by the original pill!

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could include foods in your diet that could address you health issues naturally, without the need for drugs? However, to do that, you need to know exactly which foods to eat for your particular problem. You need to move away from the admirable but rather vague concept of ‘healthy eating’ and look at certain foods in more detail.Figs

That’s what this page is all about, and from time to time, we’ll add detailed articles on specific foods, drinks, oils, herbs and spices and anything else that may be beneficial to you, other than simply being a ‘healthy food.’

Prepare for some surpises along the way, because a food doesn’t necessarily have to be organic, extra virgin or even anything very special to have fantastic health benefits. The humblest thing on your plate could be a vitamin powerhouse, so learn to look at everything you eat with a fresh and analytical eye.

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