Vitamin D3

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Are you suffering signs of Vitamin D Deficiency? Bone pain and brittleness, muscle weakness, as well as exhaustion can all indicate a deficiency in vitamin D. People who might be at greater risk of deficiency include people that spend a long time indoors, have got darker skin pigments, are older, or overweight.



Are you short of Vitamin D from the sun’s light?

Sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D3 is actually synthesized when bare skin is exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) light. However, studies show that many folks don’t receive the recommended amount from sunshine on it’s own. Factors that will slow down vitamin D3 production may include the time of day sun exposure happens, season, latitude, complexion, age, clothing, and sunscreen use. Vitamin D3 delivers the very same biologically active type of vitamin D created in the body as a result of direct sunlight – minus the risk of unprotected UVB exposure.

Retaining healthy quantities of vitamin D inside you has been proven to be a fundamental part of your wellbeing. Feel Good Gold Vitamin D 5000 IU supplements include vitamin D3, the human body’s favourite form of vitamin D.

Sustains muscle health.

Vitamin D can also be essential for muscle well being since it sustains muscle function.

Helps strength and balance.

Supports a healthy immune system.

Sustains immune health, performing a vital role in both acquired as well as innate immune responses.

Order now and give your whole body the sunshine it deserves!

9 reviews for Vitamin D3

  1. Ms. C. Constantinou

    This product was well sealed. Easy to swallow, no after taste. As vitamin D3 is difficult to obtain in UK weather, and as blood tests show low Vit D3, this was my perfect solution and skin and energy have improved. The importance of vitamin D3 cannot be over emphasized. If only the NHS were resolved on prevention.

  2. Review-Central

    When returning to training after years away, I chose to keep it simple with a low fat, high protein diet, and decided to supplement that with Vitamin D3. So far it has worked well. I believe that I was deficient in vitamin D just like 40% of people on average ( in America, UK must be even higher percentage )My strength and power levels are improving and I seem to recover quickly. I used to be tired and generally fatigued but that has now improved.So I would highly recommend this product as part of your regime.A+ product would recommend- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Please note: I received this item at a reduced purchase price or, in some instances, free from charge, so I can test the product and leave my honest, fair and COMPLETELY impartial review of them – bad bits (if appropriate) and all! I’m required to review them within a few days of receipt. In the case of some products, such as beauty products, this means that I cannot provide details of the long-term benefits or effects of a product. However, I try the product and report on how it looks, feels, smells etc. and whether or not any instant difference or benefits were observed. Furthermore, I always try to comment on the ingredients where appropriate.I really hope you found my review helpful and would love for you to click on the YES button to say so. If you don’t think my review has been helpful, before you click on the NO button to say I was unhelpful, I would love you to leave me a comment with your thoughts, so I can try improving my future reviews.

  3. Tesa

    I have been taking these D3 tablets for almost two months and can say I’m feeling much better and able to fight flue without getting vaccinated. I had a Vit D deficiency as I was not getting enough sunshine and I became more prone to infections. Small tablets that are easy to swallow and just only one tablet a day – that’s good. Good value for money. Would recommend. I received this product at a discount in return for my honest review

  4. FL

    Having read several healthy living books and having started a gym routine it had become obvious that in addition to having a balanced diet it is essential to supplement with a number of things which can be difficult to derive in sufficient quantities from ones diet. So when I saw this range of supplements on promotional offer I didn’t hesitate in ordering these. They arrived on time and were well packaged. They are easy to swallow and don’t leave a bad taste. There is good evidence that these are helpful in improving your cardiovascular health and prevention of cancer and in conjunction with my other supplements and a healthy lifestyle I am certainly feeling revitalised. Highly recommended!

  5. drucey

    Great, quality product. As a medical professional, I understand the important of Vitamin D3. It helps maintain bone health, intestinal absorption etc. I spend most daylight hours working, so a supplementary topup with this product is invaluable. Happy to review 5 stars!

  6. Bill

    A vitamin D3 boost. Exactly what my family needs right now… given the lack of sunshine we are experiencing this summer. Sunshine in a bottle sums up the product well. It’s hard to measure the effect of taking one of these tablets a day, but every little helps and I believe that swallowing a D3 tablet a day also has a positive psychological effect. This product is well packaged and has all the necessary information printed on the plastic bottle label. Good value for money.

  7. Cathi Bou

    I started taking Vitamin D3 in the winter after having a seemingly endless string of colds. I started at a really high dose and now maintain at 5000 iu a day – I haven’t had a cold in almost 6 months….

  8. LindaS

    Two years ago after a build up of symptoms for which my GP could find no cause I turned to good old Google. This led me to an interesting youtube lecture from Harvard on Vitamin D deficiency, the causes and the effects. Firstly Vit D is a fat soluble hormone not a vitamin and it’s probable that most people in the west are very depleted. The list of symptoms of deficiency are numerous – for me it was primarily aching joints and fatigue – and can be serious. I started reading and researching and armed with what I now knew I asked my GP for a blood test and when the results came back I was told I had the lowest levels he’d ever seen and gave me a prescription for Vitamin D2. Everything I’d read so far said that D2 is an inferior source and the dose I’d been prescribed was extremely low. More research showed that I need a daily dose of Vitamin D3. 10,000iu preferably. I followed this for a year then got another blood test. My levels were almost where they should be so I carried on at 10,000 for a while longer than dropped to 5000iu daily. Two years later I continue at 10,000 daily and 5,000 during the summer months. If you think that we don’t need vitamin d during the summer you’re only right if you spend hours each day outside without sunscreen! And if you’re already depleted it’s likely you’ll need more than sunshine to bring your levels up to where they should be. So two years later my symptoms are very decreased and I’m hopeful they’ll eventually disappear. I’m really pleased to see Feel Good Gold selling this supplement as it’s not easy to find D3 in larger doses. All the more important as I’ve nagged all my family, and most of my friends, in to supplementing daily.I would like to add that I received this product at a discount in return for my honest review.

  9. John W

    It seems that once we reach a certain age it’s the norm to be prescribed Vitamin D and now in my 80s, I’ve been taking a daily dose of D2 in the form of a very large tablet, for several years now. However both my daughters cajoled me in to stopping D2 and starting D3 and at a much higher dose. I know there’s all sorts of excellent reasons for doing this – but you’d have to ask them what they are! What I do know is that these little capsules are really easy to swallow.

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