Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

How pleased would you be if you went for a general health check-up and the doctor would say “What on earth could you be taking that is lowering your cholestrol levels so well?!?

The balance between Omega 6 and Omega-3 fatty acids is particularly important as Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation and Omega 6 promotes it. Fatty acids are essential for human health but the human body can’t make them, they have to be obtained through the diet. The average diet in the UK shows a much higher intake of Omega 6 than Omega 3, unlike the Mediterranean diet which includes far more fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and garlic. Whilst it is possible to change the diet to meet the required levels of Omega 3 most people find it much simpler to take a fish oil supplement.

Many people turn to Omega 3 Fish Oil Soft Gels to reduce cholesterol because your system needs these Omega-3 oils called DHA and EPA!  The best for maintaining Cardiovascular Health – Joint Health – Supports Brain Health – Immune System Boost

Best Value and Potency Omega 3 Fish Oil

Don’t I actually receive Omega-3 Oils straight from my diet?

A lot of people who eat a Western diet plan do not receive the Omega Fish Oil EPA and DHA that their body requires to perform correctly. Even though most healthier bodies can transform ALA (yet another Omega-3) into EPA and DHA, the transformation process is untrustworthy and unproductive. You’d want a big ALA consumption to be able to have enough to make a good supply of DHA and EPA. Our best fish oil pills are a simple, cost-effective method to replace with this deficiency without significantly changing your diet regime.

Are there any advantages to taking Feel Good Gold Omega-3?

Omega-3 together with EPA and also DHA are needed by your body to be able to undertake many life-sustaining functions like:

  • Coronary heart health and wellbeing
  • Immune health and wellbeing
  • Fetal maturation
  • Eyesight health and wellbeing
  • Unhealthy weight gain prevention
  • Nutrient rich hair and skin
  • For preventing depression
  • Cognitive decline

Our Guarantee

Feel Good Gold Omega 3 – It’s the purest type of omega oils it is possible to get if if you aren’t protecting your body from free radicals just take a step today! Test it risk free today! Full Money Back Guarantee of satisfaction.  Our customer service team is always available to help.

10 reviews for Omega 3 Fish Oil

  1. Don Juan

    This is the first time that I have used Omega 3 fish oil. I have been taking them for a few weeks now and I have found that my joints feel more supple. I work out on a regular basis and I often suffer from aching joints, these have helped ease the discomfort.

  2. Dave I

    I’ve been using Omega 3 for years – This is a decent product at a decent price.Recommended.

  3. Judit

    I purchased this product because as I am getting older I thought I need some more extra to keep me healthier. I spoke to my doctor about the ingredients and he is really agreed to take one capsule every day. So I started it…. When I saw at the first time the size of capsule…. uuuuhhhh…. I thought it was impossible to swallow it…. but it was not. After 5 days I can already feel myself healthier…. definitely my skin, and my hair. So I highly recommend this product. It has 180 capsules what enough for three months.I received this item on a discount price for my honest and unbiased review.

  4. Kaykay3

    I have read so much about the benefits of Omega 3, i found from my research that it has been proven to prevent heart diseases and improve your joints, There are so many other benefits, I am glad I have decided to start taking them. Its very true, you don’t even get that horrid fishy taste in your mouth that you often get with other brands.

  5. drucey

    As a medical professional, I know the evidence based benefits of taking regular Omega 3. This product seems to be great quality – I’ve used Holland & Barrett’s own in the past, but this is as good in all nutritional ingredients (DHA, EPA, Vit 3 etc). Highly recommended!

  6. FL

    Having read several healthy living books and having started a gym routine it had become obvious that in addition to having a balanced diet it is essential to supplement with a number of things which can be difficult to derive in sufficient quantities from ones diet. So when I saw this range of supplements on promotional offer I didn’t hesitate in ordering these. They arrived on time and were well packaged. They are easy to swallow and don’t leave a bad taste. There is good evidence that these are helpful in improving your cardiovascular health and in conjunction with my other supplements and a healthy lifestyle I am certainly feeling revitalised. Highly recommended!

  7. Kelly maire Sherrington

    These vitamins were recommended to me for the terrible menstrual pains that I have suffered with for years, I can’t believe it- they have worked!!!!! I’ve had no pain this month 🙂 only a little mild cramping.My hair and skin is also looking a lot healthier!!And I’m just generally feeling healthier and well.By far my best purchase ever!! Brilliant product that I would recommend to everyone.Super-fast and safe delivery- 2 days earlier than the expected date.

  8. Tesa

    I do not care much for fish, I do not like fish. However taking fish omega-3 supplements became a must due to chronic skin rashes. I tried cod liver oil capsules before but could not manage to swallow them. Have been taking Feel Good Gold omega-3 for 3 weeks and noticed that my skin complexion is looking a lot healthier and better. I can say that I’m just generally feeling well. I like that the supplement comes in large packs. I am happy with this product!

  9. Bill

    These Fish Oil Omega 3 capsules from Feel Good Gold certainly have made a marked difference to my alertness level after only 5 days. So, I’ll be swallowing at least using one a day over the next 6 months. Longer term I expect to feel the benefit to my cardiovascular health and also to reduce pain in my knee joints.In my opinion, £19.97 is good value for 180 large capsules which converts to only 11p per capsule. I like that the supplier sells these in large packs so that I don’t have to re-purchase so often.This product is well packaged and has the essential details written on the label. Comes with a money back guarantee.I’ll buy these Fish Oil Omega 3 capsules again from this seller.

  10. L

    I bought this for my daughter who has been taking multi-vits for some time. We have tried cod liver oil capsules before but she couldn’t manage to swallow them. These have been no problem and she has now been taking them for a week. I must say that her skin complexion looks so much better. We’ll keep using these and I’m sure we’ll see more and more benefits. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase these as a discount.

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