Brain Boost Complex

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  • NOBODY expects you to remember what you had for breakfast a week ago, but when you forget What you had for dinner just last night, it might be time to do something.
  • MIND MATRIX It might be hard to admit, but the older we get the less sharp our memory and concentration becomes. Cognitive sluggishness is natural but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.
  • THIS FORMULA contains herbal extracts and vitamins that work in synergy to enhance your cognitive abilities. Daily activities become much more difficult when your mind is not driving in the fast lane. This premium focus enhancing blend gently enhances your cognitive abilities.
  • ATTENTION & CONCENTRATION. Supports improved focus and attention to help you concentrate and ignore distractions.THINK FASTER, CLEARER, SHARPER – Perfect for students, busy mums & seniors.
  • FEEL GOOD GOLD – BRAIN BOOST – we are That Confident you will be Delighted – WE OFFER – Buy without Risk – MONEY BACK if you are not HAPPY after 2 months use.

5 reviews for Brain Boost Complex

  1. Kaykay3

    I have been using Brain boost for around 2 weeks now, i have to say i am pleasantly surprised. The tablets are easily to take and do not cause any discomfort when swallowing. I have also seen an improvement in my concentration span. So over all a great product!

  2. Frank1960

    I was really pleased to get this delivered quickly, I am 56 and noticed that my concentration span had been getting worse so decided to give these capsules a go, I have found that I am feeling for want of a better word ‘brighter’ in the sense of being more focused on tasks at work this is only after short term use so i am waiting to see if the other benefits they say you can get from taking this supplement, at the moment it gets a thumbs up from me !

  3. GeekChick

    The item was delivered through Amazon Prime’s ‘One-Day Delivery’ service.PACKAGE CONTENTS: Premium Brain Boost Nootropics (60 Capsules)FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The capsules are stored in a secured container which provides clear details of ingredients, instructions and the benefits of using the product.USAGE: I chose this supplement from Feel Good Gold because my concentration needed a bit of a boost. I was confident that I would benefit from this product, as it contains herbal extracts and vitamins such as Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B12 which are known to help with memory and concentration.I take one easy-to-swallow capsule each morning with my breakfast. After taking this supplement for one month, I am more alert than usual, and my energy level has noticeably increased. I have another month supply left and will continue to take them as Brain Boost is certainly an effective product.CONCLUSION: Feel Good Gold’s Brain Boost Complex has proven to be beneficial to my mental health. I am happy to recommend this product.

  4. Esther

    I don’t usually take tablets and was struggling with my all my course work and was really struggling with my concentration, after a week I noticed how I was getting to concentrate more than usual, oh and passed my exams so happy, felt so much better in myself.

  5. MozzieMoo

    I have done a lot of research on Brain Boosters and whether they work or not. Research seems to indicate that they certainly can help with memory and alertness. This one is my favourite from the the ones I have looked at because of the unique ingredients and I am finding more clarity in my thinking and decision making. I also chose this company because their customer service appears to be really good.

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