Exercises For Good Health

Exercises For Good Health

Being healthy is not just about what you eat, although of course that is very important. To stay toned and maintain a healthy weight, you need to exercise too. Exercise can help you avoid age and weight related conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Exercise does not have to involve pounding the pavements or hitting the gym with a vengeance. It’s more important to do exercise that can be sustained, so that means making it fun. These are some of the best exercises for good health.


The great thing about walking is that anyone can do it. In fact everyone does it every day. You don’t need any special clothing or equipment, and  you don’t need a certain level of fitness to enjoy walking and benefit from it. Build up to a brisk walk rather than a steady stroll, and try to fit in 20 – 30 minutes each day.


Whether you cycle for real on a bicycle, or use an exercise bike in front of the television, cycling is excellent exercise. Cycling burns off around 300 calories an hour, which is the equivalent of 11lb weight loss in a year. Better still, because cycling builds muscle, your metabolism will still receive a much-needed boost long after the pedals stop turning.


If you are overweight, or have mobility problems, or problems with your joints, walking and cycling may present something of a challenge. In that case, you might get on better with swimming. It’s another great calorie burner, and it exercises every major muscle group in the body. The real bonus is that the water supports your joints and increases resistance, so even people with low fitness levels can swim for longer than they can do any other exercise. And if you can do some exercises in the water, they’ll be much more effective and easier to sustain than doing the same exercises on dry land.


If you are going to maintain your exercise routine, the exercise needs to be enjoyable, and nothing is more enjoyable than dancing. It’s suitable for people of all ages, it’s another great calorie burner, and it’s sociable exercise too. As well as keeping you fit, dancing is also a great stress buster, and it’s been shown to protect against dementia in later life. Whether you go for ballroom dancing, salsa, belly dancing or dance exercise classes, it’s a fun way to keep fit, whatever your age and fitness level.

Each of the exercise activities listed above can be undertaken with little or no previous experience, and they don’t require a certain entry level of fitness or special clothing and equipment. Cost is not a factor here. Best of all, they are enjoyable and sustainable, so you’ll keep the routine going.

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