7 Simple Steps to Keep Fit With A Desk Job

7 Simple Steps to Keep Fit With A Desk Job

deskjob1Having a desk job may seem to others like a walk in the park. You’re just sitting down all day typing at a computer but the last thing you feel like at the end of the day is exercise! However, exercising is a great way to improve your state of mind puts you in a better mood and may even allow you to get more work done.  Here are some ideas that can help:

•    Get up and stretch your legs at least every four hours, walk around the office or at the very least stand at your desk and stretch. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or walk up the escalator and maybe set yourself challenges, for example, after ten emails you’ll take a brisk walk to the water machine.  If you do this several times a day it will add up and you won’t even notice you’re exercising, you could even do stretches leg lifts, at your desk!

•    Eat and drink well. Sitting at your desk and drinking coffee or fizzy drinks all day isn’t a good health choice.  If it is allowed, keep healthy snacks in your desk and if there is no water cooler, keep bottled water there as well and make sure your lunch is well balanced.

•    If you within a reasonable distance of your office, then you could try walking, cycling or running to work, rather than by car or if you live further afield then take the bus, but get off a few stops early and take a brisk walk.  Or park a little way away from your office building so you have two 15-minute walks every day.

desk job 2•    Your lunch break can be an ideal time for exercise. If you’re lucky enough to have an hour, then take half an hour to go for a brisk walk. Not only is this good exercise but it will get you out of the office and into the fresh air, clearing your head and preparing you for an afternoon of work.

•    Dance for exercise. Anything from line dancing to ballroom dancing or enrol in a Zumba or hip-hop class. You’ll be surprised by how many calories you burn and you’ll have fun at the same time.

•    Try a Yoga or Pilate’s class – both help to keep your mind and body fit. Both will help you maintain your flexibility, but is also a great way to tone your muscles.

•    Walk the dog more often, if you don’t have a dog, borrow one or sign on at an animal refuge where they need dog walkers.

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