3 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Swimming

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Swimming

Swimming is great exercise and great fun

Swimming is great exercise and great fun

It’s amazing the number of adults who are unable to swim, and the truth is, if you can’t swim, you miss out on so much in life. Here are three really good reasons why you should be swimming.

A Life May Depend On It

If you don’t swim, you may plan never to go near water. However,  you don’t know what may happen to challenge that resolve. You might be strolling along by a stream, and your dog dashes in to chase a stick and gets stuck midstream. Will you watch him drown? You could be in a car that rolls into a river, or you may be disembarking from a pleasure cruiser, when suddenly the boat moves and before you realise it, you’re in the water.

It’s sensible to have a healthy respect for water, since it’s a powerful element.  However, you have more reason to be scared of the water if you can’t swim. Even if you can only manage a frantic doggy paddle, it could be enough to save your life, or someone else’s.

It’s Excellent Exercise

Swimming is one of the best all round types of exercise there is, and it’s very enjoyable and sociable. Swimming the breast stroke at moderate speed uses all of the main muscle groups in your body. Another bonus is that if you’re overweight or have joint problems, water supports your weight, thus making it easier for you to stay active.

And because water acts as resistance, any exercise done in water is more comfortable and yet effective than exercise done on land. A regular swim and a healthy eating plan may be all it takes to lower cholesterol, guard against chronic conditions and stay in shape.

It’s Great Fun

Swimming is a very enjoyable pursuit, whether you swim in the sea or in a pool. If you can swim, you’ll be one of the crowd, rather than the envious onlooker. And if you can involve the family, everyone can keep in shape and have a lot of fun at the same time. Exercise is always easier to stick with if it’s enjoyable.

If you can’t swim, maybe these reasons will spur you to take swimming lessons. You’re never too old to learn, and swimming is a great anti-aging exercise !

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